Northern Lavender
Contact: Josh and Andrea McCaherty
City: Mesick, MI, 49668
Email Address:
Phone: 618-697-6662
About Us
We are a family farm, located in the rural outskirts of Traverse City in Mesick, MI. We hand-planted our first acre of lavender back in 2017 and since have expanded into almost 6 acres of lavender, with over 12,000 plants! As soon as we are able, we will finalize both Certified Naturally Grown and USDA Certified Organic. (It was on the final stages of inspections prior to Covid-19, now just waiting!). We also have a three kiddos, a herd of 11 alpacas, rabbits, chickens, fish, 5 beehives producing natural, lavender honey; and a thriving u-pick/agritourism season. Our first wedding on the farm is scheduled for 2020 as well! Come visit this summer! Open Thurs-Sun. Check our website for more information for best practices re: visiting our farm in the world of Covid-19.
We believe in working with the land, not against it. We do not use any herbicides, pesticides or unhealthy farming practices, as per transitioning to both USDA organic and CNG (certified naturally grown). We use cover crops as means of weed management, permaculture principles whenever possible, and believe in our mission to educate visitors on how to make our corner of the world a little bit better, every time we walk out to the field.