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Morganic Farm
Contact: Stuart Kunkle
Address: 8040 M 113 E Fife Lake, MI, 49633
Phone: 231-492-5175
About Us
Morganic Farm is a diversified beyond organic and non-gmo farm bustling away on 30 acres, between Kingsley and Fife Lake, on M 113. We raise organic produce and pastured non-gmo proteins. We've been here for eleven years and are fully investing our time and resources into the farm in 2021 like never before. We'd love to serve you as we grow. :) We sell thru the winter and summer Sara Hardy Farmers Market, at the farm, and we have a full-diet, year-round, free-choice CSA.
Our market garden is beyond organic. Our livestock are all on organic pasture save for the rabbits and all are fed organic produce and non-gmo hay and feed. Morganic Farm purchases all feed and inputs locally, other tools and supplies from locally-owned business if possible--online if not, and all from reputable sources both environmentally and socially.