Subscribe to your weekly staples and stop worrying about missing the shopping window for your favorite products! Subscriptions are currently offered on a Pay-By-Order basis, and each week the items you subscribe to will automatically be added to your order. It's like a highly-customizable CSA, with no paying up front or long term commitment. You can manage your subscriptions simply by logging into your account. 

Important Note: Pay-By-Order subscriptions do not start until the following week after you subscribe. So if you want that loaf of bread or bag of lettuce in your order this week, be sure to add it to your cart from the regular storefront. Once your subscription begins the following week, you will see it in your cart as a confirmed item when the shopping period opens on Saturday. And of course, you can still shop for other products between Saturdays at NOON and Thursdays at NOON. Thanks for supporting local!

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