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Saltless Sea Creamery
Contact: Dave & Joy Omar
Address: PO Box 5441 Traverse City, MI, 49696
Phone: 520-668-6422
About Us
Led by a husband-and-wife team of Michiganders, Saltless Sea Creamery makes cheese with Mediterranean roots and Midwestern sensibilities. Inspired by his Lebanese heritage and love of Italy, cheesemaker Dave Omar offers modern takes on traditional Mediterranean bloomy rind, washed rind, and pasta filata cheeses. Dedicated to sustainable practices and supporting our agricultural community, we source pasteurized, grass-fed cow’s milk from a local dairy to create artisanal cheese with a true sense of place.
Locally sourced grass-fed Grade A pasteurized cow’s milk
Handmade small batch cheese
Vegetarian rennet only
MDARD licensed