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Duerksen Turkey Farm
Contact: Rick & Sue
Address: 7214 S M66 Hwy Mancelona, MI, 49659
Phone: 231-587-8267
About Us
Duerksen Turkey Farm is located in beautiful Northern Michigan on the edge of Antrim County nestled on 44 acres of pastures, hills, and beautiful aged trees. We are family owned and third generation turkey farmers. We happily celebrated 40 years in business in 2019. We raise our white broad breasted turkey's from one day old to the very end.The same hands that tenderly care and raise these turkeys are the same hands that tenderly (as we can) do the processing in our on-site licensed processing plant where we employ local men and women. We love what we do and have a deep appreciation for the land, the care of every turkey down to the finished product. We want every customer to taste the difference!
Turkey is NOT just for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. We are changing that thought one day at a time as we create and roll out new products every year.
We offer a delicious variety of approximately 32 different turkey products including our newest line of Pet Food.
Update June 28th 202:
Thank you for the outpouring support on the new online shopping experience at the Sara Hardy Farm Market.
As of now our turkey product inventory is extremely low so we are not able to offer products for a couple weeks. We will be back with more products as you shop for the the July22 delivery day.
We look forward to seeing you then.
Thank you so much!
Rick & Sue
We are not certified organic but follow their practices. Because we feel so strongly about the health of each turkey we have never used chemicals or antibiotics and work hard to keep the soil naturally fertilized by rotating the turkeys to different pastures several times a week.
Our turkeys roam on 18 acres of pasture with mature trees for shade, drink fresh clean water and dine on a smorgasbord of insects while basking in the warm sunshine. While on pasture we also feed our turkeys a Verified NON GMO grain that is raised locally.
Our MDA licensed processing facility is on site where we handle every turkey with TLC and work in the cleanest and most sanitary conditions.