Bioconcentric Farms
Address: 12366 S. Plowman Rd. Empire, MI, 49630
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Phone: 231-342-6551
About Us
Bioconentric Farms is comprised of 92 acres in southwest Leelanau County. Farming this land was abandoned in the late 1950s, and the soil is greatly depleted. Therefore the approach to this land is one of restoration, introducing grazing livestock and native plants to build the soils prior to large-scale tillage. The native plant component is key to the farm both in terms of restoring soil and insect populations, and as a primary product of the farm: native plant and seed sales. Native cut flowers will soon follow. We also have a focus on native perennial edible plants, offering hard to find species.

The farm is also being developed as a farm incubator and a place-based ecological research center. The owner, Michael Ulrich, is incorporating his beginning in Restoration Ecology as an intern and the mission of that non-profit, subsequent graduate studies in the same, and his subsequent 27 years of experience working as a field botanist and restorationist to this project. It is an incubator (and the name plural) since core to its mission is training new farmers and resorationists to start their own agro-ecological restoration projects with the option of remaining part of a larger organization for market access and resilience.

Inquiries about our plant material prior to purchase through SHFM is welcomed:

By purchasing plants from Bioconcentric Farms you are directly supporting this venture and unique aspects about the nursery's approach. Certified organic soil media - much from reclaimed natural "waste" materials - and augmented fertilization where needed, is used in the production of the plants. Certifying the actual plant material is a matter of submitting further documentation and may be achieved this market season. Further, the plants are at least two years old; not grown intensively the winter preceding sale. This way our plants have formed biotic relations not masked by synthetic fertilizers, and untainted by insecticides, providing hardened ready-to-go plant material (pret-a-porter plants).