Ona Mission Honey Farm
Contact: Joel and Susan Schaeffer
Address: 20160 Center Road 20160 Center Road Traverse City, MI, 49686
Email Address:
Phone: 517-256-1246
About Us
Upon retirement as a consulting biologist in 2012, Joel and I moved to our cottage on Old Mission Peninsula in Northern Michigan's Grand Traverse County. Like stepping back in time, the residents of Old Mission provided that down home feel that was so comfortable and familiar, as we had experienced throughout our youth. Introducing ourselves as beekeepers was an instant connect with the local farmers of the area! Old Mission Peninsula is acclaimed for it's pristine rolling countryside, cherry orchards, vineyards, and extensive park land, surrounded by the clear turquoise waters of Grand Traverse Bay. It is the perfect landscape for bees as well as for retirement!! Joel and I feel so fortunate to have been able to realize our dream of retiring and becoming full-time beekeepers in this gorgeous country. A countryside where a beekeeper can achieve maximum production of wholesome local raw honey and peace of mind!