Bellaire Blooms
Address: 5435 Broken Club Dr PO Box 842 Bellaire, MI, 49615
Email Address:
Phone: 231-883-5374
About Us
Locally grown, freshly harvested flower bouquets available May to November at the Bellaire & Traverse City Sara Hardy downtonwn farmers markets and in The Flying Pig Vintage store downtown Bellaire. We grow everything we sell using earth friendly practices. Wholesale available to local businesses. Dawn & Steve Smith.
While we are not certified organic we use Earth friendly practices in growing our beautiful blooms.
Our flowers are safe for our pets, grandchildren, bees, nearby waters and you:
- Cover Crops
- Crop rotation
- IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
- Low and No tilling
- Composting, mulching
- Organic fertilizers
(Insecticide free)